Our story

The beginnings

We first started on January 5 in 1996 and we managed to transform the gastronomic and leisure panorama in Madrid.

The goal was to offer an original alternative in which three artistic disciplines were assembled; culinary, painting and opera, as well as promoting young talents of the lyric.


During this time, La Castafiore hasperformed in Spain, and other countries in Europe, Middle East and America. Among others:

  • - 2 concerts in London
  • - 2 in Brussels, at the European Parliament with the President assisting
  • - Spanish Embassy at theVatican
  • - Paris
  • - Cannes, with the choir of the Opera ofNiza
  • - Tour in Punta del Este (Uruguay)
  • - Ministery of Culture in Bolivia
  • - Beirut, Lebanon
  • - Sicily
  • - Rome

In Spain, there where special concerts:

  • - National Auditory, in two of them with Royal Highness the King of Spain, in other with the attendance of Princess Doña Margarita and Carlos Zurita, Dukes of Soria.
  • - Museum LázaroGaldiano
  • - Liceoof Barcelona
  • - Auditory of Valladolid
  • - Teatro Principal of Alicante
  • - Teatro Monumental of Madrid, withbaritone Sergio de Salas
  • - 7 in Teatro Jofre in El Ferrol
  • - National Auditory to the benefit of those affected by the oil spill of the boat Prestige
  • - Auditory of theColegio Mayor Santo Tomás de Aquino to the Benefit of the victims of the earthquake in Haiti
  • - Annual concerts to the Benefit of the surgery programin Turkana-Kenia
  • - Auditory at Hospital Clínico San Carlos. Every year concerts to this cause.
  • - Auditory at the Colegio de Médicos of Madrid with master Esteban Leoz.
  • - The Royal Theater of Madrid

La Castafiore

If there is something we can enhance, throughout all these years in this singular adventure, it is with the satisfaction of providing so many nights of joy and distraction, of charm and magnetism to all who have come to our restaurant and have forgotten their sorrows or problems to plunge into this world of optimism.

We could write a book with the anecdotes occurred under these walls. But while we decide to write it, we invite you to become part of it, to enjoy the color of the oils that exalt our walls –with the artist work of Camilo Porta-, by the most chosen repertoire of our fantastic singers-waiters, for their romances, quartets, arias, for the contagious joy of our incomparable zarzuela ... and of course with the excellent cuisine of our dear Chama.

Cuisine and winery

Dear friend,

Let me give you one more reason to come to LaCastafiore: our cuisine.

Although you are at a singular restaurant, almost a theater, and I have no doubt that you will go away singing the Traviata toast, everything will be nicer if at the same time you enjoy our cuisine.

A restaurant so special where classy clients, modern guys, aristocracy, foreigners, and locals meet…requires a cuisine that has to satisfy all. That is the reason we decided to serve Spanish dishes, with all its delicious personality.

Foie medallions “Lakme", an exquisite dish of mushrooms "Lady Macbeth", A grilled hake in oricio caviar sauce "Faust" or a duck magret in orange and grape sauce "Les Huguenots", ending our dinner with our brown condensed milk mousse "La Leyenda del Beso",are our dishes that you will be delighted with if you come to visit.

And our winery...

You are delighted being with friends, family, girlfriend. A good beef tenderloin with foie and suddenly the music starts and… a surprise! The waiter starts to sing Opera. What do I need then? Quickly a glass of wine! Thank God, I was well advice and this wine tastes like heaven.

It is all about that. A sip of wine to enjoy the music. In La Castafiorewine helps to understand the music, the show, and to sing together with your friends and family. An excellentRioja Remelluri, or Arzuagafrom the Ribera del Duero…. There are really good wines at the restaurant… at all prices. Maybe if we tryPétalos del Bierzowe have a good surprise, and the Somontano wines!

Opera and Zarzuela

Hello, I am Carlos Guttenberger, artistic director at La Castafioreand they are asking me to briefly define how we understand the music and show in La Castafiore. The answer is simple: Magic. We have excellent singers so that our guests feel they are at a great theater. They will enjoy a mix of Opera and Zarzuela that will fill with joy and excitement a fantastic dinner.

But La Castafioreis not only about listening to the best singers…you can also be pleased with famous artist Camilo Porta’s paintings, that wraps up the restaurant in an artistic environment. A permanent art exhibition that is you love art it will make you feel in heaven.